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America is faced with as serious problem. In the last couple of weeks there have been a two school shootings. Whatis happening to our country that you can't even go to school with out having to worry about that typeof thing happening?

What I think: There is no excuse for what happened and no one is to blame more then the kids who pulled the trigger. It amazes me how the media finds all the little inconveniences in life to blame for what they did. At some point everyone has been made fun of or left out but that doesnt give them the right to come in to school with guns blazing. Now there is legitimate case for the parents having some fault but I if someone has there mind set on doing something then no one not even their parents can stop them. What it comes down to is that everyone is morally responsible for his or her actions no matter what the circumstances.

Response: This is where you come in write me with your thoughts and comments.